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Portrait of doctor examining little girl in modern clinic.

Direct Primary Care (DPC) expands on healthcare to improve the quality of care, establish trusting patient-doctor relationships, and makes the cost affordable. This applies to both people who currently have healthcare plans and those who don’t. If you would like to learn more about this and your current access, please take our journey below. 

We are laying the foundation for these improvements to healthcare by supporting direct primary care. Please join us in helping our community grow by signing up below.

We are giving the power to both physicians and patients to have as many options as possible. This includes finding the right doctor who fits your needs through our doctor search page and booking appointments at times that are convenient for you and match your doctor’s schedule.

Access to our platform is free. Our payment options include a subscription fee or a pay-per-visit fee based on the physician’s preference and your required needs. Payment options can be further discussed with your direct physician.