Learn about your options as a physician.

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Our goal is to assist direct primary care (DPC) physicians in growing their direct primary care network and helping patients learn more about the DPC movement. Our main focus is not only limited to DPC providers. 

With our unique platform, physicians are able to set the prices of their appointments and indicate what type of payment they accept. This includes indicating an estimate of what an appointment will cost and also includes the option of selecting a holding fee amount for patients to book the appointment prior to the visit. This reinforces the patients commitment to make the appointment and allows the physician to be compensated for the necessary steps involved in scheduling appointments. Physicians can also indicate whether or not they are a traditional DPC provider who accepts a monthly subscription fee for certain services or if they prefer a flat rate fee per appointment or service. 

Our online portal provides this appointment scheduling and payment system along with a daily, monthly, and yearly view of upcoming appointments, confirmation of appointments, and notifications for appointments.

We are giving the power to both physicians and patients to have as many options as possible. This allows physicians to focus on the patients and not on billing and insurance claims, thus giving more time to care for patients and helping others.

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